The header (click here for a full screen view) is a screenshot of Amsterdam Schiphol airport with live traffic in my P3Dv4 Simulator.

Really live traffic!

With PSXseeconTraffic (PSXT) you can fly world wide with real live traffic in P3D and FSX.

Flying with live traffic gives you an awesome immersion. You can position your aircraft in the queue for landing or departure at your favourite airport and really see all these familiar airlines and aircraft around you. The traffic information at the TCAS in your aircraft is making the flight experience much more real. See for instance this link to a YouTube live stream (24/7) with real world air traffic in P3Dv4 at KLAX airport with live Atc and live Weather.

In contrast to other AI programs there are no schedules needed or information about delays or about runways in use. Everything goes like in real live, automatically. You may for instance see aircraft making a Go-Around or aircraft queing up for the de-icing stations. Aircraft follow the real SIDs, STARs and jetways!

PSXT injects aircraft in your Flight Simulator as real as it gets, depending on how many different types of AI aircraft you have installed.

All live aircraft within 100 nm laterally can be shown in your Simulator and it can park AI aircraft at your origin and destination airports.

PSXT can park static aircraft at your origin and destination airports. By self learning it will detect automatically what airlines park at what gate with what type of aircraft at what hour of the day automatically!

PSXT is light on frames, even with hundreds of AI aircraft, while all aircraft calculations take place outside your FlightSimulator.

PSXT does not come with AI aircraft, you should install these yourself. The easiest and cheapest way to start with is to install the Fly Ai aircraft package, a free download from VATSIM and Boston Virtual ARTCC.

For more advanced use you can take (a mix of) almost all payware or freeware AI liveries available in the market, such as from FSPXAI, FAIB, Traffic Global, FLAi, FTX AU, WoAI, IVAO_MTL, MT6, UTL, AIA, AIG, Raven FS Labs and many others.

Real-live flight data can be provided by a payware program called RealTraffic from Inside Systems Pty Ltd.

If you are not interested in live traffic, or you find the costs of a real traffic subscription too high, you can still use PSXT to get parked static aircraft at the origin and destination airports of your flight. Exactly at the right spot, with the right heading, the right type and the right airline! Very nice when flying alone or on-line: you do not arrive at an almost deserted airport.

Download PSXT

The latest PSXT package with a 32 bit version for FSX SP2, Prepar3D v2.5, v3 and v4, and a 64 bit version for Prepar3D v4.4, released December 14, 2018, for Windows 10 only, is available here:

version 12.14, or consult the Manual or the Release Notes first.

PSXT runs under Windows 10 (32/64 bit) only. However, PSXT may run networked. You can run it at a Windows 10 laptop while your FlightSimulator is at a Windows 7 machine (or win 8 or Vista).

Is it free?

Yes and no, my applications may be used free of charge. However, "free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free". PSXseeconTraffic, AILGenerator and ParkPosGenerator are copyrighted software, not free software. There are restrictions on distribution and use; see the EULA files in the footer at this page for details. A major restriction is that it is for non-commercial use only!

If you like my program, here is a link for donations towards the site costs.


Please note this is entirely voluntary, there is no obligation whatsoever. Any donations will be put towards keeping the site hosting going and are received with my deepest gratitude and thanks.

Download supporting tools

For more advanced use of PSXseeconTraffic there are two tools (not immediately needed when you try out PSXseeconTraffic):


The latest version, December 15, 2018, for Windows 7 64 bit or later is available here:

version 4.0, or consult the Manual or the Release Notes first.

At this site you can find the registration codes of lots of airlines.


The latest version, December 15, 2018, for Windows 7 64 bit or later is available here:

version 8.0, or consult the Manual or the Release Notes first.

Airport files with real live parking positions

Here some airport files with real live parking positions, created automatically by PSXT:

If you also have these P3Dv4 airport add-ons, then put the .xml file(-s) in the parked_updates sub folder of PSXseeconTraffic.


Search for information or post your questions in my forum at AVSIM.

Check the FAQ and the Quick Start Guide first please.


Are you a data provider, or do you have live traffic data from a ADS-B USB Dongle + Indoor Antenna?
This document PSXseeconTraffic Protocol describes how you can interface with PSXseeconTraffic.

The footer (click here for a full screen view) is a screenshot of aircraft waiting in line for departure at London Heathrow.