Real time live traffic for MSFS, Prepar3D and FSX

******* 7th Anniversary edition! *******



Choose for a real immersion, go for real time live traffic!

To give PSXT a try, you could buy a one month standard license for RealTraffic, enjoy a full month of real traffic and make your own judgement.

If you are using FSLTL, installation is very simple, PSXT will pick up the FSLTL liveries automatically.

Videos: (note that most of these video's are with older versions of PSXT, the traffic is not so smooth as with versions 33.0.0+)


Downloads for version 37.2.3, May 19, 2023

Release Notes

PSXT Manual


PSXT_MSFS is available here.

Follow the instructions in the MSFS Quick Start Guide.



PSXT_P3D is available here.

Follow the instructions in the P3D Quick Start Guide.


PSXT_FSX is available here.

Follow the instructions in the FSX Quick Start Guide.


MD5 file checksums

Although PSXT learns airports too, all three PSXT versions contain the stand alone PSXT_Learner program to update airport files with real live parking information without having the need for a Fligh Simulator connection; just run RealTraffic and PSXT_Learner.

FAQ and Forum

If you have a question, check the FAQ first please.

Search for information or post your questions in my forum at AVSIM.

Is PSXT free?

Yes and no, my programs may be used free of charge. However, "free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free". It is copyrighted software, not free software. There are restrictions on distribution and use, see the EULA file when installing the software. A major restriction is that it is for non-commercial use only.

PSXT is free from advertisements. If you like my program, see below a link for donations.

This is entirely voluntary, there is no obligation whatsoever. Any donations will be put towards keeping the site hosting going and are received with my gratitude and thanks.

And now for something completely different ...

My mature PSXseecon software for building a PSX B744 home cockpit

PSXseecon connects the Aerowinx Precision Simulator version 10 (PSX) with the SIOC software of Opencockpits.

It acts as a bridge between these two worlds, "talking" the Aerowinx Network Protocol over TCP/IP to PSX and "talking" the IOCP protocol over TCP/IP to the SIOC Server. Although both worlds offer a TCP/IP based interface, they speak different protocols, and they are both servers. PSXseecon acts as a client program to PSX and as a client program to SIOC and performs protocol translation.

2502 predefined SIOC variables representing 99% of the functionality of the PSX interface are available. These variables give access to almost all states and controls of the PSX. You can receive information about state changes in the 744 and you can set Buttons, Switches, levers, Throttles, Dials, what have you, in the 744. Everything you need to build a cockpit.

Read more in the PSXseecon Manual.

PSXseecon Release Notes, version 3.36, April 22, 2023
(first release nov 14, 2014 (!)

Download the PSXseecon software package, version 3.35.

This document give you lots of examples how to program with SIOC: How to SIOC?

This archive contains lots of exmple SIOC scripts for PSX: SIOC scripts for PSX