Live traffic after the covid-19 lock-down at Amsterdam airport in my P3Dv5 Simulator (click here for a full screen view).

Really live traffic in your Flight Simulator!

With PSXseeconTraffic you can fly world wide with real live traffic in P3D, FSX or MSFS.

Flying in live traffic gives you an awesome immersion. Go to your home airport and see all these familiar airlines and aircraft around you that are exactly there at that moment in time!

In contrast to "normal" AI programs there are no flight plans needed. Everything goes like in real live, automatically. Aircraft follow the real SIDs, STARs and jetways or the vectors given by real live flight controllers.

The aircraft injected in your Simulator are representations of real aircraft flying within 100 nm laterally of your aircraft. They are as real as it gets, depending on how many different AI liveries you have available. PSXseeconTraffic does not come with AI aircraft, you should install these in your simulator yourself.

PSXseeconTraffic fills your origin and destination airports with static aircraft. By 'learning' it detects automatically which airlines park at what gate, with what type of aircraft and at what hours of the day.

Real-live flight data is not included but should be provided by RealTraffic from Inside Systems Pty Ltd (pay ware).

This time lapse video of Kennedy airport will give you an idea, or try it out yourself ...

PSXseeconTraffic for P3D/FSX, October 17, 2021, Windows 10/11

For a quick start with PSXseeconTraffic with P3D or FSX follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.

Version 28.0 of the PSXseeconTraffic software package with a 32 bit version for FSX/P3D and a specific (64 bit) version for P3D v5.2, available here for download or consult the Manual and the Release Notes first.

PSXseeconTraffic for MSFS, October 17, 2021

A lot of work has still to be done to bring live aircraft in the new Microsoft Simulator 2020 at the same level as in P3D/FSX. AI aircraft packages have to be adapted to work in MSFS. Read about the steps to be taken to get real live traffic in MSFS in this Quick Start Guide

Version 28.0 of the PSXseeconTraffic software package for MSFS, available here for download.

FAQ and Forum

If you have a question, check the FAQ first please.

Search for information or post your questions in my forum at AVSIM.

Airport files with parking positions for P3D v4/v5, for PSXT 26.0+

Here some airport files with real live parking positions for P3D v4/v5, created by PSXseeconTraffic ("self-learning") and/or the stand-alone Learner tool.

All updated at: Sep 22, 2021

If you also have one or more of these P3D v4/v5 airport add-ons and you want to make a jump start, then put the .xml file(-s) in the parked_updates folder of PSXseeconTraffic.


Maybe you are wondering where the name PSXseecon comes from... Well it all started in 2014 with PSXseecon a program I developed for PSX.

PSXseecon connects the Aerowinx Precision Simulator version 10 (PSX) with the SIOC software of Opencockpits.

2439 predefined SIOC Variables representing 99% of the functionality of the PSX interface are available. These variables give access to almost all states and controls of the PSX. You can receive information about state changes in the 744 and you can set Buttons, Switches, levers, Throttles, Dials, what have you, in the 744. Everything you need to build a cockpit.

PSXseecon version 3.28, Oct 8, 2021, for Windows 7 64 bit or later, available here for download or consult the Manual and the Release Notes first.

An archive with lots of SIOC scripts to build a cockpit based on PSX and PSXseecon can be found here for download. It also contains scripts for several Opencockpit modules and an auto configuration program.

How to SIOC

My tutorial How to SIOC gives an overview of how to use SIOC, with several example scripts

Is it free?

Yes and no, my programs may be used free of charge. However, "free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free". It is copyrighted software, not free software. There are restrictions on distribution and use; see the EULA files in the footer at this page for more information. A major restriction is that it is for non-commercial use only.

The PSXseeconTraffic program is free of advertisements.

If you like my program, here is a link for donations towards the site costs:

This is entirely voluntary, there is no obligation whatsoever. Any donations will be put towards keeping the site hosting going and are received with my gratitude and thanks.

The footer (click here for a full screen view) is a screenshot of aircraft waiting in line for departure at London Heathrow (before covid-19).